Ecovillagers New Culture Weekend April 20-23

Intimacy in Community: Tools for Creating a New Culture

Ecovillagers Alliance is opening our Spring 2018 retreat to anyone looking to build community and to learn interpersonal skills that we all need to do it!

New Culture is an experience of examining every aspect of our existing culture and experimenting to find out how to create a world based on love and freedom rather than fear and violence. It is about creating sustainable, rich, intimate personal relationships based on transparency, delight, freedom, and community—and a sustainable world to enjoy them in.

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Our Facilitators

Debby Sugarman is a skilled meeting facilitator, mediator and transformational coach. She is dedicated to approaches that integrate the wisdom of mind, heart and spirit to help groups and individuals navigate through stuck places and relational challenges. She is passionate about teaching and sharing skills to help people skillfully manage difficult emotions, communicate needs and desires with clarity, and navigate difficult conversations.

Indigo Dawn (They/Them) is an impact-oriented love activist, whose vision is to create a sustainable society for all its stakeholders. Their schemes to make this happen include sharing non-sexual touch as a Cuddlist (, and creating events and workshops that change lives. As a key organizer and presenter for Center for New Culture, Indigo spreads skills and mind-sets that support sustainable relationships and communities--including self-awareness, open communication, authentic connection, and healthy boundaries. Their most recent project is co-creating intentional community at Chrysalis in Arlington, VA, and Allegheny Crest in Mt Storm, WV.

Ecovillagers Alliance

The Ecovillagers Alliance is a charitable nonprofit organization run by volunteer organizers, teachers, communicators, and social entrepreneurs in the Mid-Atlantic region. It exists to cultivate grassroots democracy, healthy communities, and sustainable land stewardship through a regional network of ecovillage neighborhoods owned and managed cooperatively by empowered neighbors.