News and Events

News and Events on the way to transforming neighborhood land


Ecovillagers and Community Land Co-ops get a shout-out in The Problem With Community Land Trusts in Jacobin Magazine.

Ecovillagers' first Community Land Co-op launched in the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Community Land without Grants and Debt published in Communities Magazine.

A New Movement for Ecovillagers, Part 2 published in Green Horizon.

Ecovillagers and CLCs get a shout-out in Are We Diluting the Mission of Community Land Trusts? in Shelterforce.


The Ecovillagers Legal Brain Trust announced.

A New Movement for Ecovillagers published in Green Horizon.

Community Land Cooperatives: A Bottom-Up Model for Neighborhood Governance workshop at the Future of Governance (Lancaster, PA).

Community Land Cooperatives Should Oversee Neighborhood Economic Development published in Shelterforce.

Third annual Ecovillagers Alliance Retreat, open to all.

Can We Have Communities Without Gentrification? published in Communities Magazine.

Free Ecovillagers learning launched with online gatherings every six to eight weeks.


New web site, membership/donation drive, and digital tools for Servant-Leaders launched.

Sociocracy adopted for all Ecovillagers Alliance meetings and decision-making.

Second annual Ecovillagers Alliance Retreat: Sociocracy immersion with Diana Leafe Christian.


First annual Ecovillagers Alliance Retreat.

Ecovillagers' Statement on Gentrification released.

Shared Equity and Worker-Housing Co-op Collaboration: Base-Broadening Techniques from Ecovillages workshop at the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance's Co-Up teach-in.